A letter to my students !

Dear Students,

It has been a constant endeavour, here at Rahul’s IAS, to guide you in the right direction in your preparations for the Judicial Services Entrance Examinations.  

I hope you will find our approach enriching and you will actually get enlightened by our efforts. I must say to you that clearing the exam is not difficult. You just have to catch the nerve of it. One has to be very professional and focused in his/her approach.  

Right and selective reading material, synopsizing of every topic, understanding the nature of questions on every topic and sub-topics thereof, proper conceptual clarity, proper understanding of case laws, constant question-analysis, logical reasoning and writing practices, and a constant effort to internalize the things that one reads, is the key to success.

Frequent revision, discussions and mental analysis is a must. The constant mental engagement with one’s concepts is extremely important. A complete devotion and full engrossment into your preparations is what makes you learn and understand faster. Intelligent and innovative studies is what actually sets you apart from the others; and your being different is a must to get through.    

What makes the successful students succeed is the fact that they had understood the above requisites and were totally planned in their approach. The fact is that one should be true to oneself; merely studying for 10-15 hrs./day is not sufficient—thousands of students do that.

 I must say to you that : it is not about the hours that you put into your study, but the study that you put into your hours, is what matters. The approach should be qualitative and not merely quantitative.

 A professional attitude, organised approach and methodical learning are the basic behavioural characteristics which support the edifice of legal knowledge. Success is achieved by only those of them who actually are planned, focussed and organised – one should know : what to study, how to study and how much to study. Plan out your studies. Each and every moment of your day should be intelligently planned. Constant monitoring of one’s own efforts is also extremely important.

 Since you are planning to join a coaching institute, please remember, coaching institutes are just facilitators; without your efforts no coaching institute can make you get through. By joining a coaching Institute you just buy time and confidence for yourself. What you could probably have done yourself over a longer period of time, you are made to do faster and more professionally in a coaching Institute. Please remember: A coaching Institute does not give you something extraordinary, we only speed up the things and make you organize things better and in the correct perspective.

If the coaching is good it will definitely give you the cutting edge. You just have to be positively alert, vigilant and receptive to gather it and make it your tool of success.

A good coaching will not only give you the knowledge, it will rather also give you a complete and comprehensive approach, an approach to reading law, a sense of confidence and self pride; a feeling of uprightness; a never say die attitude towards the exams and towards life in general. Still your Individual efforts are to be the actual reason for your success.

 We give you concepts and well-compiled and painstakingly researched material; we cannot get into your minds. We can tell you how to study; we can motivate you; we can be with you in the hours of need; we can give you the latest case laws; we can teach and explain the concepts to the hilt; we can, to an extent, even force you to study, but we cannot become ‘you’.

We just give you the pedestal beyond which you have to build up. The higher is the pedestal provided, the easier it becomes for you to travel the rest of the journey. If you join  Rahul’s IAS, we can just promise that we will give you the highest and the strongest pedestal that can be humanly given. 

 We are professionals and do understand the ins and outs of the exams. Me, alongwith my Research Team, work round the clock to produce quality material for your classes and try and provide you with an in-depth understanding of the most difficult legal concepts. The position of faith and confidence in which we are placed is in itself sufficient enough a motivation for us to do the best efforts to teach you to the best of our potential. You just be positive and receptive.

We will not leave any stone unturned and you will have to promise that you will also walk shoulder to shoulder with us.

Wish you all the best. Create the killing instinct and hit your target hard– Success will be yours. Take it to your nerves. No one is born and destined to succeed; one has to achieve it by his/her efforts.

 And Yes, this blog is another unique endeavour to keep you updated with the latest case law, contemporary legal issues, guest posts/editorials, legislative developments, model answers, interviews and much more.  I hope you will use this blog constructively with a view to further enhance the quality of your preparations.

God bless you !    

Best Wishes,

Rahul Yadav. 


25 thoughts on “A letter to my students !

  1. Thank you Sir for your blessings and you always depict us towards our aim and goal filled us with enthusiasm and hold our nerves which recede because of same routine..


  2. Thank you so much sir..
    I m sure this blog is going to help many students like me who are struggling with the preparations..


  3. it was so needed….thanku so much sir for creating this blog and for such inspiring words. i hope you are fit as a fiddle. Always stay fit and happy. we love you so much sir


  4. Thank you so much sir you do so much for all your students which I guarantee no other institution does…. you are a lot more than a teacher to all of us we all pray for you and your family and sir thanku so much for motivating n guiding us through this letter of yours.Love u sir

    P.S- you look very handsome in the picture sir.


  5. Your efforts are always great like you , sir . We are always propelling towards the day of victory, the path of bushes and thrones is not easy but the helping hand makes it . Thankew sir for your wonderful efforts .


  6. Thank you sir for creating a blog, it will really appreciate us for better study. This blog is a proof that you never left your students hand.


  7. Thank you so much sir….Rahul’s IAS is the best one because you always take care of your students whether they are taking classes or they are over with their tenure. Simultaneously the enthusiasm you carry in you attitude and in your words is superb and as a result every student of the class just falls in love with you and the ambience of the class.


  8. I’m very thankful to you sir for Creature this blog. It help not me but all Who come here for help, for guidence and seek moral boost. I have great respect for you sir.


  9. Respected sir,
    Thank-you for creating this blog n this blog really unique endeavour for us..god bless u n luv u sir..


  10. When i came to Rahuls IAS
    all i wanted was to gain knowledge but sir your orientation speech made me aim higher. Your life stories and motivational saying make me think so much. I am glad i joined.
    Thank you so much sir.


  11. Thanks alot Sir from the Bottom of my heart …you are the best teacher i have ever had… And i will be always indebted to You Sir… Indeed this is very helpfull for we the ex students.. You are a Blessing to us .. Thanku so much Sir

    Liked by 1 person

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